Wednesday, October 6, 2010


. In your eyes , people can't seem to see anything , it's because your eyes are covered up by tears ! ( no ! I'm not a crybaby ... Maybe time tu mata i masuk habuk . HAHA )

. You are constantly hurt and depressed ... ( Constant ? Not truth it's just rarely . )

. No one seems to understand how you feel because everyone is scared to get close to you ( anyone can understand me ? Am i eat people ? Woaa , scary . Hey , i'm normal . Don't scared lah . )

. You long to be able to reach out and tell someone everything , and all of your problems ( yes ! ... Suhana ... Wish you're here babe )

. But you have no one to tell , or they just don't seem to want to hear what you have to say ( another yes ... maybe it's not fair to nazlen , husna , and tut tut tut.. but it's also not easy to sharing everyting with everyone )

. You've started to hide and bottle up all or your problems and feelings , hoping that maybe they just will go away ( i just don't know how to let it out for God's sake )

. You want company , but at the same time , you're scared of it ( caught guilty , yes )

. Your sanctuary is your room where you can just be alone and try to throw away all of your aching pains ( hmm ... yeah ... now ... this quiz is really good ... touché ! )

. You're dark and mysterious and people like you for that reason ( oh yeah ! Thanks . But nobody perfect . I can't force you to like me . It's up to you . Don't ever dare to judge me before knowing me . )

. Even if you think you're all by yourself in the dark , someone is always there with you ( yes , Him . And no one else . )

. Your special someone wants to admit and show their feelings towards you , but they're afraid of how you'll take it ( not a very good quiz after all . I don't have a special someone after AA . I guess so . HAHA ! If AA return to me , i say thankful . )

. Get out more and enjoy life because , it is far too long to frown your way through :p ( i don't frown much laa . straight face and serious maybe but it's not the real me if i do that . KAHKAH )

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